The 6 Best Free Responsive Web Design Software For Windows

Free Responsive Web Design Software

In this article I will share software to create the best free responsive website design for Windows. A responsive website is a website that is flexible and provides an optimal visitor experience on various devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc.

All of these software/apps allow you to create responsive websites without even having to go into coding. It supports WYSIWYG approach to creating websites, so you can add/edit website content directly.

Most provide various built-in website templates to choose from to create responsive websites. You can add various pages to your website and then add/edit the contents. This content includes menus, images, HTML5 videos, Youtube videos, HTML5 audio, forms, tables, sections, customized text, maps, social media bars, footers, polls, time counters, page hit counters and Google analytics, and more.

You can customize this content as per your requirement. Some of them also provide Site optimization tools to improve the SEO score of the designed website. You can preview the responsive website designed in the browser. To publish your website, you can save it locally or publish it directly to the internet by configuring a web hosting service.
Here are 6 Best Free Responsive Web Design Software For Windows:

Best Free Responsive Web Design Software-1

Mobirise is the best free responsive website design software for Windows, Mac, and Android. It is one of the best and feature-rich responsive website builder app for Windows. You can create a great website without even going into the coding part. It lets you build websites in both desktop and mobile viewing modes. Using it, you can create websites, web pages, resumes and online portfolios, promo sites for apps, events, etc., and much more.

Mobirise provides different themes for designing responsive websites. You can select the desired website theme and start customizing it the way you want. You can add multiple web pages to your website which contain different blocks. It lets you add and edit blocks as per your requirement. You can add menus, headers, images and videos, articles, features, testimonials & info, maps, social, footers, blocks etc to your web pages. You can add images to your website from PC, free built-in online library, or site library.

Mobirise lets you directly link images or even text as well. Videos can be embedded in your webpage using YouTube links. You can add icons using the built-in icon library and edit their color and size. The page style can be customized as per your requirement. You can clone pages, edit meta tags, etc.

After creating the desired website, you can preview it in the browser. If the design is ok, you can publish it to a local drive, FTP, or even a free Github Page.

Overall, this is one of my favorite software for creating responsive websites. It’s clean and easy to use too. You can add more extensions to enhance the functionality of this software, such as SEO (generating sitemap.xml and robots.txt), Instagram Feed, Cookie Warning and GDPR Compliance, Soundcloud, Google Analytics, etc. There are more extensions, but unfortunately these are paid.


Best Free Responsive Web Design Software-2

Lauyan TOWeb is another best free responsive website design software for Windows. It lets you create responsive websites that are compatible with any device like mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc. Using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies. You can start creating your website using the free built-in web templates and then customize it. It supports WYSIWYG approach and provides a modern CSS3 Based Theme Editor to let you edit website content directly. You can create responsive websites in multiple languages.

To start with, you can set general information about your website like website name, language, audience, country, etc. You can then add new topics to add new web pages, articles, albums, calendars, product catalogs, etc. Go to your website. Later, you can add/edit webpage content like site navigation, paragraphs (text, layout, style, etc.), background images, watermark images, social buttons, SEO, update frequency, etc.

This free responsive website designer lets you add different types of content to your website directly. Let’s see what this content is:

  • You can add tables, forms, subscription forms, maps, etc. Go to your web page.

  • It lets you directly embed Youtube videos, HTML5 videos, Vimeo videos, and HTML5 audio in your web pages.

  • Also, you can add polls to web pages.
  • Twitter widgets can also be added to websites.
  • It is also possible to add time counter, percentage bar, plan & price, key figure, card and timeline to web pages.

  • It provides Site optimization tools which analyze designed web pages and provide tips to improve your website’s SEO. You can save this optimization report to your PC.

  • You can see a preview of your website in the browser. It lets you publish your website on the internet to any web host. To do so, you need to configure your web hosting service.

Overall, it’s a great piece of software that makes it easy to build responsive websites. You can create responsive websites in smartphone, tablet, and PC display modes.

Downloads: Lauyan TOWeb

PS: This is Lauyan TOWeb’s free edition. Some features are locked in this software like you cannot export your website to local drive. To remove this limitation, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

Best Free Responsive Web Design Software-3

RocketCake is another great responsive website designer for Windows. It comes with all the essential tools needed to create a responsive website. You can start by choosing a template from the ones provided or start from scratch. Just set the website information and start adding web pages to it.

You can then add different content like containers, styled buttons, images, image gallery, image slideshow, Youtube videos, HTML5 audio/video, tables, flash, floating text, floating image, floating buttons, etc. Apart from that, you can also insert web forms, web form buttons, radio buttons, checkboxes, content placeholders, password protection, Java Applets, Quicktime videos, etc., into web pages.

You can edit this content by editing the respective properties and styles. After creating a website, you can preview it and publish it to a local drive or directly to the internet.

RocketCake is a simple but effective software for creating responsive websites. It provides a professional version as well which offers more functions. If you want, you can buy it from its official website.

Downloads: RocketCake

Best Free Responsive Web Design Software-4

openElement is another alternative to responsive website designer for Windows. It basically provides several responsive web design templates that you can use to create responsive websites.

Apart from basic SEO information, you can add different types of content/elements to your website. This includes images, frames, scripts elements, navigation elements, collapsible panels, groups of elements, accordion groups, media (Youtube videos, Dailymotion videos, Flash Animation, Image Gallery, etc.), forms, google maps, social media bar, page hit counter and Google analytics, banner page, document, W3C logo, etc. You can also customize the style of the web page.

You can preview your website in a web browser before publishing it. It lets you save your website locally or publish it directly on the internet by setting up a web hosting service configuration.

Apart from that, it provides Optimize tools to improve your website’s SEO score. Overall, it is a complete web designer which also lets you create responsive websites. While it lets you design the web in WYSIWYG mode, you can also view/edit the source code of the web design.

Downloads: openElement

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Best Free Responsive Web Design Software-5

Website Builder is another website designer that allows you to create responsive websites. You can design responsive websites in HTML and WYSIWYG coding modes. You can also edit HTML5/XHTML, PHP, CSS, JS, CFML, and ASP documents in it.

By using File > New Responsive Layout option, you can choose Bootstrap, Foundation, or Skeleton framework to start responsive website design. You can later edit the selected layout as per your requirement. It lets you add multiple pages, links, emails, forms, tables, images, paragraphs, text, tags, etc. Go to your website. You can view your website in a special tab or browser and then publish it. You can save locally created projects as HTML, Java, SQL, PHP, CSS, etc. files.

Since it is a document editor too, so you can find various useful tools in it, such as spell checker, word count, print, thesaurus search, conversion (text to HTML, HTML to XHTML, etc.), and many more.

Downloads: Website Builder

Best Free Responsive Web Design Software-6

Pingendo is a responsive website designer for Windows. You can start from scratch or download some website templates from here to use to create a responsive website. It provides the flexibility to create responsive websites in mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop display modes.

Apart from live content editing, it also lets you edit HTML/SASS code directly. You can add sections, grids, text, buttons, media (images, videos), navigation, tabs, lists, cards, forms, etc., to your website. Each of these elements can be edited separately. Plus, individual themes are also customizable. You can also clone specific web pages.

Like other software, it also lets you preview the designed website in the web browser before you publish it. You can save the created web page as HTML or SASS/CSS file.

Downloads: Pingendo

.com’s Favorite Responsive Web Design Software:

Mobirise is one of my favorite responsive website designers for Windows. It is a feature-rich software for creating responsive yet easy-to-use websites. Lauyan TOWeb is also a great software as it lets you add different types of content to the website directly.

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