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Applications to learn to dance on Android

Dancing is a cool activity for everyone, it is not only fun but also helps to keep fit. Now learning to dance is easier than ever! You may not have time or money for dancing lessons but you can find many dance learning apps for any device.

You can learn new dance moves, get new ideas to improve your choreography, start practicing dance for daily fitness workout or just have fun. Here are 5 best free dance learning Apps on Android that I found for you.

1. Just Dance Now

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Just Dance Now is one of the best free dance learning apps on Android. This is one of the most popular dance apps that you might have heard of. It is based on the famous video game for consoles, but now you can have fun just using this app for Android. Here you can find a wide variety of dances and many different songs, and the dance library is updated very often.

Dance to your favorite hits among over 400 songs available including 40 awesome songs from the Just Dance 2018 console game, including:

Despacito by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee
Shape Of You by Ed Sheeran
Swish Swish by Katy Perry ft. Nicki Minaj
24K Magic by Bruno Mars
Chantaje by Shakira ft. shame
Naughty Girl by Beyoncé
Bad Liar by Selena Gomez
Rockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-Marie
Another One Bites The Dust by Queen

Repeat the characters who are only best in dancing and improve your skills. The choreography is very realistic, all the moves are shown as subtitles, so you can dance right now. [Download Just Dance Now].

2. Pole Dance Lessons

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Pole Dance Lessons is also one of the best free dance learning apps on Android. And we are going to a more serious app, you can learn pole dance with this app. This app is great for those who have decided to try pole dancing. This kind of dance is gaining popularity nowadays, it combines plasticity, grace and acrobatics which makes it beautiful. This dance is quite complicated but with Pole Dance Lessons from Veena you can try to practice it without a teacher.

This app contains pole dance video lessons as well as tutorials on body mechanics to make your training safe. [Download Pole Dance Lessons].

3. Hip Hop Dance Steps Videos

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Hip Hop Dance Steps Videos is an app that contains a collection of hip-hop tutorials that can help you master this dance. This app is totally free, it only contains high quality videos.

Hip-hop dance refers to a style of street dance that is primarily performed for hip-hop music or that has developed as a part of hip-hop culture. It includes various styles especially those created in the 1970s and popularized by dance crews in the United States.

You can find some great videos about the following:
Hip Hop Dance Videos
Learn How To Do Hip Hop Dance App
Hip Hop Beats Demo
Hip Hop Dance Popping and Locking Videos
Advanced Hip Hop Dance Moves
A Hip Hop Dance Routine Step by Step
Hip Hop Dance Lessons
Improve Hip Hop Dance Skills
Hip Hop Dance Poses
Learn Hip Hop Dance Steps
Hip Hop Dance for Boys
Hip Hop Dance for Girls
Hip Hop Dance Tutorial for Beginners Step by Step
Hip Hop Dance Easy Steps
How To Pop And Lock for Beginners
Hip Hop Dance Break dance
Hip Hop Dance Practice Videos
Hip Hop Dance New Style
Hip Hop Dance Performance on Stage
Best Steps Of Hip Hop Dance Video
Hip Hop Dance Training
Hip Hop Dance Learning Steps
Hip Hop Dance Face Off
Hip Hop Dance Tutorial
Hip Hop Dance Choreography
Hip Hop Dance Steps
Basic Hip Hop Dance Moves for Beginners
How To Get Good at Hip Hop Dancing
Hip Hop Dance Solo
Hip Hop Dance Lessons For Beginners
Hip Hop Dance Youngster
Hip Hop Dance Workshop
Poses De Hip Hop
Hip Hop Dance Young Kids
Hip Hop Dance Tips
How To Become A Good Hip Hop Dancer Fast
Hip Hop Dance Duet Male and Female

You can add videos that you like to your favorites and categorize them. This app is very simple and lightweight. [Download Hip Hop Dance Steps Videos].

4. Zumba Dance Exercise Offline

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Zumba is something that can entertain you and help you stay in shape at any time. With this app, you don’t need any courses, you can practice this beautiful dance anywhere using your device. This app works offline so you don’t need internet connection.

Zumba dance is the best dance on the planet as it helps you to lose weight without dieting, just by dancing. Zumba dance will motivate you to exercise at home.

Remember, it doesn’t matter what dancing skills you have – Zumba is for everyone. [Download Zumba Dance Exercise Offline].

5. Street dance

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Street dance is a very spectacular combination of many styles, it is a mixture developed naturally to express your feelings and emotions. However, this is quite difficult to do. With this app, you will have a tutorial to develop street dancing skills from scratch.

Street dancing is the pinnacle of many forms of dance and these dancers invent different styles to create something of their own. This app is good for dancers of all levels, what matters is your motivation and desire to be better. [Download Street Dance].

Those are the 5 best free dance learning apps on Android. Hopefully this article is useful and thank you for visiting.

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