How to Send Audio Messages in Gmail –

How to Send Audio Messages in Gmail

In this article, I will provide a guide on
how to send audio/voice message in Gmail with a free chrome extension called

Audio or voice messages are the best way to communicate instantly with your friends and colleagues. This feature has helped many people who want to get their message across quickly without having to waste time writing the entire message.

Email is a professional form of communication in which you need to write all the information about the subject. You can always attach documents and pictures for further reference, but the whole conversation seems to rely on written text. Now you can also add audio messages by mail with a free extension called is a free chrome extension that can help you send audio messages via email. This chrome extension also lets you define your contact list so that you can manage the email list which you can save in your Google contacts.
Here’s how to send an audio or voice message in Gmail:

1. First of all, you have to download and install a free chrome extension called Nat.App. You can download this extension by browsing the extension on the Chrome Web Store or simply download it from
this link. Make sure you are logged into Chrome browser before installing this extension.

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2. After adding the extension to chrome, you can simply click on the extension icon next to the web address space in the chrome browser to access Google Contacts. Here, you can simply start adding/importing Gmail contacts that you want to send audio messages to. For this, you can add name, Gmail Id, and phone number in contact list. Additional information can also be added such as company name and nickname.

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3. After you add a contact, check box the one next to the contact name, after that click the logo send email which is above.

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4. Here, you can start composing email messages. The window will ask for permission to access the microphone device. Click “allow” and then click “purple microphone icon” to start recording messages.

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5. Once the recording is done, you can click the checkmark which will stop the recording, then the message will be attached as an audio file in the email.

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6. Then, you can simply send an email by clicking “send“.

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That’s how to send audio messages in Gmail with the help of Google Chrome Extension called You may have to create a Google Contacts list to start sending audio messages to the associated contact.

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