How to Make a 3D Book Cover Online –

how to make a 3d book cover online

In this tutorial we discuss how to make a 3D book cover online for free. When creating a book cover, there are many options that you can use. We are going to discuss a free Online Book Cover Maker Website where you can design a book cover precisely. is a service that lets you create book covers in 3D. This web app lets you create 3D animations of your book cover which you can customize as per your wish. After creating the 3D book cover, it provides you with HTML embed code which you can add on the web page to display your 3D book cover.

Also read: Download Coloring Book From Adobe for Free [Adobe Coloring Book] is a simple and free website to use for creating 3D book covers. You can directly create a 3D book cover but to be able to save it, you need an account. So it is recommended to create an account first before you start making covers.

How to Make a 3D Book Cover Online

To create a 3D book cover online, you simply upload a cover image of your book on this site. After that enter the name of your book. If you have a webpage for your book, you can add that link here. Whenever someone clicks on a book cover, it will redirect them to the mentioned webpage. Then, you can also choose the color for the book cover. You can visit 3DBook
from here.

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Apart from that, you can fully customize the appearance of your 3D book cover, you can change the book radius, thickness, width, height, and offset of the pages on the cover. Apart from that, you can also change the 3D animation by adjusting the rotation, perspective, and duration of the animation. All of these settings show real-time changes to the 3D book cover. If you like it, just click the Save button.

When you save your book cover, this site provides you with HTML code. You can simply add that HTML code to the web page and embed your 3D corner cover there.

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By default, the cover will have text at the bottom of the cover that says ” Generated by 3D Book Cover You can only create one 3D book cover at a time. To create more, you have to remove edits first. However, you can upgrade your account to premium by paying a one-time fee of $9.99. With a premium account, You can create as many 3D book covers as you like, all without branding text.

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This 3D Cover Book looks great with depth and perspective. It looks much better than having a flat or angled cover. Being 3D means having subtle animations that make it stand out. Apart from that, you can also hide the link to the landing page inside the cover.

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