How to Fix TikTok Coins Not Entering –

How to Fix TikTok Coins Not Incoming

How to deal with Tiktok coins that don’t come in will be explained in this post. Why are TikTok Coins not coming in? By reading this post, you will find the answer. Although in recent years it has become one of the most popular applications, TikTok continues to hold events that can attract and pamper its users.

The 30-minute TikTok event to raise money is one of the hotly debated events. You can earn coins which can later be exchanged for money by watching TikTok videos.

In the case of watching tiktok to earn money, by inviting a friend, you can get coins or money that can be withdrawn to your DANA balance as long as the friend has never installed the Tiktok application on his cellphone.

Many users have recently complained, about TikTok coins not going in and out. If you are a TikTok user who feels this way, then read this article till the end so that you know why TikTok coins cannot enter.

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In order to get the money, many users positively welcomed the arrival of the video watching event, especially whether it was true or not about the paying TikTok event. You can get a certain amount of TikTok coins in this case, which can then be withdrawn to your DANA balance.

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You will be awarded 2000 coins if you watch a TikTok video for 5 minutes, you will be awarded 7000 coins if you watch 15 minutes, and you who watch 30 minutes will be awarded 15000 coins. Also by inviting friends, you can get coins or money that can be withdrawn to your DANA balance as long as the friend has never installed the Tiktok application on their cellphone.

These coins can be converted into money, so that you can collect as many TikTok coins as possible. Many people have watched TikTok videos for hours, but they haven’t earned any coins. Errors like this usually occur when the show watching a TikTok video has been watched by a lot of users.

Apart from being triggered by the large number of people involved in the event, if TikTok detects that you have downloaded or previously had a TikTok account, the coins are also not credited.

Because TikTok is an application that has a very strict level of security. So make sure you only have one TikTok account on one phone, so that you can prevent the error.

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How to Fix TikTok Coins Not Incoming

  1. You have to press the Click button on the video watching mission to solve the TikTok coins not coming in.
  2. For more than five minutes, try to watch the video again, then see if the coins will enter your account or not.
  3. You can try clearing the cache of your TikTok app if it’s still not logged in.
  4. If it still fails, then try logging out for a while from your TikTok account, then logging in again. If this method still doesn’t work, then the TikTok app that you have has to be reinstalled.

That’s how to fix TikTok coins not coming in. Hopefully this tutorial is useful for you. Thank you for visiting and don’t forget to share it with your friends too.

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