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how to duet on tiktok

How to Duet on TikTok | Today TikTok has gone beyond the app’s original format for sharing funny lip-syncing videos, but now it includes a number of different formats. Apart from posting 15 or 60 second videos, you can also Go Live on TikTok as well as duet with other TikTok users.

If you’re new to TikTok, it might take you a bit to learn how to record this particular type of video. Here’s everything you need to know about how to duet on TikTok.

What is TikTok Duet?

A TikTok Duet is a video featuring you and another TikToker side by side. The screen is usually divided into two parts, and you will see your own video right next to the one you recorded a duet with. Apart from other TikTokers, you can also post your own duet videos on TikTok.

Initially, big stars and singers used this feature a lot on TikTok, allowing their fans to sing duets with them, which could be a lifelong dream for some. Today people use TikTok Duet in various creative ways.

Among some of the most popular duets are reactions to other users’ TikTok videos, comedy short films, drama dialogues, and even language learning exercises. Even with everything that has been done on TikTok Duet, the possibilities are endless, as you can duet almost any video on the platform.

What Users and Videos Can Duet On TikTok?

You can duet any user or any video you like on TikTok. However, there are some exceptions. TikTokers who want you to duet must enable the duet function on their TikTok profile. The only way to tell if they have it enabled is to try and record a duet with one of their videos and see if the app lets you do it or there is a notification that you can’t continue.

You can even make a duet with yourself. All you need is to activate the duet function in your own profile and choose one of the videos that you have already posted on TikTok.

The only types of videos that you cannot create duets with are those that are listed as Private. Don’t forget that to duet a video, it must be 15 seconds or less. You can’t duet a 60 second video on TikTok.

How to Enable & Disable Duet Feature on TikTok

Before you can record a Duet on TikTok, make sure the duet feature is enabled in your profile. Or, if you don’t feel comfortable with strangers recording a duet with the video you posted, you can disable the Duet feature in the privacy section of your TikTok account.

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Choose I to open the page your profile.
  3. Tap three dots icon on the top right to open the menu
    Settings and privacy.

  4. Choose Privacy.
  5. Scroll down and select Who can Duet with your video. You can choose one of the options:
    Everyone, Friends (followers you follow back), or Just me.

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Where to Find Videos for TikTok Duets

Before learning how to record your TikTok Duet, you need to find the video that you want to duet. You may already have a user that you want to duet with, in which case simply go to their TikTok page and select the video you like. You can also select your own videos by going to your profile and browsing the posts you uploaded.

Alternatively, you can use hashtags like
#duet, #duetthis, or #duetme to find the right video in search.

If you want to duet one of your friends in the app, you can switch to the Following tab on your Home screen in TikTok and find videos that you like there. Once you find the video that you want to duet, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the video and select the button share arrow on the right side of your screen.

  2. Choose Duet. Wait until the video loading process is complete.
  3. Record your part of the video.
  4. You can review your video, delete it and try again once you are done. When you are satisfied with the final result, choose

  5. On the next screen, you can add a caption to your Duet, and change the privacy settings to edit who can watch, comment, or share your video.

  6. Choose Post to upload your Duet.
  7. Your Duet video will then appear on your TikTok profile.
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Good news for TikTok users who want to go beyond the simple Duet format, TikTok has released a new feature that allows you to change the layout of your Duet. You can still record parts of your video to display alongside the original.

However, now you can also choose the react layout, which will display your work in a smaller window above the original, top and bottom layout, and triple screen layout. You can find new layout options on the Record Video page when creating Duets.

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