How to Create a Blank Name in the Among Us Game –

How to Create a Blank Name in the Among Us Game

In this trick I will discuss how to make a blank name in Game Among Us. If you are new to the Among Us bandwagon then you might have noticed that some players can get away nameless in the game. This makes it difficult for other users to identify them especially if they are imposters.

But Among Us doesn’t allow you to start the game without a name so how exactly can this be achieved? Unicode characters are the answer! Let’s take a quick look at Unicode characters and how you can use them for blank names in Among Us.

Unicode is an encoding format for most text-based applications that helps the system understand your input. It includes over 154 scripts including historical additions as well as modern day additions like emojis.

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Unicode uses unique characters to convey text-based information in different formats and some of these characters are not visible on the screen even if they are present. This means that technically, you will still have the Unicode character as your name in Among Us but it will not be visible to everyone in the game including you.

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To create a blank name in the Among Us game, follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile browser.
  2. Type U+3164 then enter.
  3. Several options will appear in the search results, select the one
    U+3164 Hangul Unicode Filter. usually the very top.

  4. Please block the box that is there then tap Copy / Copy.

  5. After that, open the Among Us game.
  6. Choose On linethen you select the name in the text box above, to replace the empty name in Among Us, please paste what did you copy earlier?

And that’s it, you now have a blank name in Among Us. Every game you play from here will present you as an unnamed character to your fellow players.

I hope this guide helped you in creating a blank username in Among Us. Hopefully this article is useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends too. Thank you

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