How to Control an Android Phone With Your Eyes Using the Look To Speak App –

Controlling Android Phone With Eyes Using Look To Speak App

Google has launched a new accessibility app called “Look To SpeakIn the app, you can make your Android smartphone say phrases aloud using only your eyes.

Eye sight technology is nothing new, but Google managed to bring the technology to our smartphones through Android apps making it much more interesting.

Look to Speak is a new app from Google that lets you speak with your eyes. The application displays predefined phrases in two segments. Users only need to direct their gaze to the side where the phrase is displayed. With each display, it lowers the phase and speaks the last reaming. Fully customizable phase which can be set as needed.

In a blog post, Google says Look To Speak is part of the project “Start with One” which is larger. As the name suggests, this project focuses on building a product for one person and then making it available to others.

Undoubtedly, the features embedded in the “Look To Speak” will be a great assistive technology for those with communication difficulties now and in the future, a technology that may become inevitable for everyone.

How to Control Android Phone With Eyes Using Look To Speak App

Controlling Android Phone With Eyes Using Look To Speak-1 App

With the help of the Look To Speak app, users can ask Android to say prewritten phrases out loud using their eyes.

In order to be able to control Android phone by eye using Look To Speak App, you need to place your Android phone slightly below eye level. Even though the phone holder is recommended by Google, you can also use it while holding the phone in your hand. Make sure the surrounding environment has enough light so that the camera can easily detect eye movements.

Once you go through the setup wizard, you can look left, right, or up to select a phrase. Make sure you only move your eyes while keeping your head steady.

Once you select a list of phrases by looking left or right, Google will narrow down the phrases and distribute them on both sides. Keep selecting the list until you reach the right phrase. In the app settings, you can edit the phrasebook and adjust the viewing sensitivity.

Controlling Android Phone With Eyes Using Look To Speak-2 App

Downloads: Look To Speak

This experimental app has just launched, but is best known for the amazing features it introduces for speech-impaired users, their family, friends, drivers, and anyone else they interact with. With a view to choose from and an editable phrasebook, it can help with important communications.

If you go to the Google Experiments page, you can read about how it was inspired by the desire to help people with speech disabilities communicate and was designed to use smaller devices. Very needed!

The Look To Speak app from Google is available on all Android devices running Android 9.0 Pie or higher. Look to Speak is an Android app from “Experiments with Google” which allows people to use their eyes to pick a pre-written phrase and say it aloud.

This app is absolutely amazing and I really hope Google doesn’t neglect it, there are so many apps that can be used for people with speech or motor difficulties! I hope someday the sensitivity of eye movement can be adjusted and maybe even a simple head movement. Great job Google!!

That’s a glimpse of the Look To Speak application which aims to help people with disabilities speak. Hopefully this article is useful for you! Don’t forget to also share it with your friends and thank you for visiting.

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