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Home Interior Designing Free Online

This article discusses
how to design home interiors online for free with the help of the
Best Free Online Interior Design
tools . This tool is a web and cloud based service that allows you to
design home interiors online. You can design and view
house interior plans in 2D as well as 3D mode through all these tools.

It provides the number of tools needed to design a basic floor plan and
then add furniture, cabinets, decorations and other items
to design the interior of the house. To create a base or floor plan, you can
upload a floor plan drawing or import a CAD file.

Many of these tools provide products from original brands to create
more professional, concise, and elaborative interior designs. You can
search for a specific product and then import it into your plan. Since this
is a 3D home planner, you can see the designed house in
a real house scenario.

You can render and export 2D or 3D images of house interior plans
locally. All projects are stored in your cloud account. So, you can
access it whenever needed.

Immediately, here are free online interior design tools to design
home interiors online. The name is also online, so you don’t need to
download any application or software.

Home Interior Designing Free Online-1

Homestyler is a free online interior design tool for designing
home interiors online. This is a great 3D home planner which helps you to
design plans for your dream house for free. You can start
with your house plan and then move on to styling the interior of the
room. Render an image of your home design and share it with others or
save it locally. It’s also very easy and intuitive to work with.

Here are the main features of Homestyler:

  • Templates: Several demo projects and floor plan templates are provided
    in it which you can use to modify or create your own
    house plans and interior designs.
  • Floor Plan: You can create your own floor plan or upload a floor plan
    from a Drawing or CAD (DWG) file.
  • Building: Provides different structural units to design
    doors, walls, windows, skylights, fences and more for your home.
  • Catalog: You can find entire catalog of interior units and
    products like sofas, kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, bedroom furniture,
    bathroom accessories, dining room items, and many more. By using
    products from original brands, you can create
    realistic and professional home interior designs.
  • Style: It lets you give a suitable style to the design
    by selecting the desired floor, tiles, marbles, colors, wallpaper and
  • 3D View: You can use 3D orbital view mode to
    navigate your home design in 3D mode.
  • Render: It offers various options for creating
    created interior designs including Create 720° Virtual Tour and Render Design Images.
  • Export: You can save floor plans or designs in
    DWG format.
  • Tools: Toolbox with sizes, material brushes, flip designs,
    box designs, tick designs and much more is offered by
    this online home interior design tool.

This is a free online 3D interior design tool that anyone can use
to create a personal or professional interior design.


Home Interior Designing Free Online-2

Planner5D is also a free online interior design tool for designing home interiors
online. Apart from the online platform, it is also available for Mac,
iPhone, and Android phones. This one is a special tool to plan and
decorate the interior of your house in 2D and 3D.

You can start from scratch, import a floor plan image, or choose
a pre-designed template. After that, you can use
the available interior design elements to decorate the room as
needed. It is very easy to use and you will find it smooth to
work with.

Here are the main Features of Planner5D:

  • Templates: Offers a variety of built-in templates to customize and
    design home interiors including bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms &
    kitchens, industrial lofts, offices and more.
  • Rooms: It lets you add rooms to your house plan
    in several standard shapes like L shape, rectangle, etc.
  • Constructions: You can add various construction elements to the
    house plan like windows, doors, stairs, columns, roofs, fences, etc.
  • Interior: In this section, you can find some
    interior furniture, power tools, and other things to organize the interior of the room. It
    divides furniture and other elements into categories to design
    specific parts of your home including kitchen, bathroom, bed,
    rug, table, chairs, curtains, plants, sports, computer,
  • Render: You can create and save an interior plan image of your
    final house

This is another simple but effective online 2D and 3D interior design tool
that allows users to create some great looking
professional house plans.


Home Interior Design Free Online-3

Floorplanner is another free online home interior design tool. It
is a cloud-based software that allows you to plan
the interior of the house and save your design projects in the cloud. It provides
all the necessary tools to create a floor plan of your house as well as
decorate and create an interior design for your room. You can
place all the things by using a simple drag and drop approach.
When the interior of the room is laid out, you can display the image of the room.

Following are the main features of Floorplanner:

  • Floor Plan: You can start by choosing the ground floor plan of your
    house. It lets you choose a room wizard (room type, room style
    , etc.) or upload an image. You can design floor plans from
    scratch using rooms, walls, surfaces, background settings, and
    other floor planning tools.
  • Place Structurals Units: It provides separate sections for
    finding and placing different elements in your room including windows,
    doors, and many essential interior units. You can place
    structural units like stairs, fireplace. ball fans, fences, central heating,
    roofs, balconies, glass walls, etc.
  • Furniture and Cabinets: You can find a special section for
    designing home interiors with furniture, cabinets and
    other decorative pieces (sofa, table, dining chairs, kitchen cabinets, etc.) at the
    desired position.
  • Add-on: It lets you further elaborate your home plans
    with various signs, symbols, labels and much more.
  • 3D View Mode: You can visualize the interior plan of your house
    in precise 3D mode with other viewing options.
  • Export: The final house plan can be exported as a 2D/3D image.
  • Magic Layout: While designing the basic floor plan of your house, you can
    use the Magic Layout feature to arrange the furniture in the room

In this free package of online interior design tools, you will face
some limitations like export available after 10 minutes, template missing,
etc. To remove this limitation, you can pay for additional credits or
get the premium plan.

It is a great cloud interior design tool which allows you to
create a floor plan of your house as well as plan the interior of the room as per
your requirement.


Home Interior Designing Free Online-4

HomeByMe is another online interior design tool. Using it,
you can design interiors for your house, apartment, or
other multi-story buildings. You can start from scratch by creating a floor plan and
then decorating the room with interior elements like furniture, cabinets,
decorations, etc.

It uses furniture and other products from original brands to allow you to
create interior plans. Let’s see what are its main features which
allow you to plan the interior of the house.

Here are the main features of HomeByMe:

  • Floor Plan & Add Floors: It lets you design a
    base plan for homes and rooms using walls, rooms, room dividers,
    etc. Apart from that, if you have floor plans saved on your
    device, you can also import them. You can add multiple
    floors to your house plan including the basement.
  • Structural Units & Interior Elements: You get all
    required structural and interior units in custom categories including
    Buildings (doors, windows, stairs, technical equipment, etc.), Furnishes (sofa,
    beds, chairs, kitchen cabinets, bathroom appliances, etc.), electronics,
    nursery, etc.), and Decorate (paint, wallpaper, tile & stone, flooring,
    lighting, flower pots, etc.).
  • Brand Corner: It provides you with products from original brands. You can
    choose your favorite and use it to plan your interior design
  • 3D Mode: You can check the realistic home interior preview
    in 3D view mode.
  • Export: Interior designs can be saved as realistic
    images or 360-degree images.
  • Exterior Design: It lets you design the exterior of your house
    with garden, terrace and driveway.

Some features are disabled in this free plan like up to 3 free projects
, low resolution output images, etc. You can subscribe to its
premium plan to remove this limitation.

It is a popular online interior design tool to design and decorate
your home with original brands.


Home Interior Designing Free Online-5

Roomstyler, as the name suggests, is a room interior design tool. It is
a good and easy-to-use web service that allows you to make
precise plans for the interior of your home including
different rooms and sections. Along with your own designs, you can also connect with
great interior designers around the world and see
their amazing house plans and interiors. You can see its main features below.

Here are the main features of Roomstyler:

  • Walls: You can draw your own walls and create
    room shapes to design the basic structure of a room or house.
  • Doors & Windows: Add doors and windows to your house plan
    with a different style.
  • Browse Category: A large number of categories to find
    specific interior design items are provided in it. Some of these include
    architecture, bathrooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, offices, living
    rooms, people & animals, gardens & outdoors, and more. You
    can also find things like carpet, paint, stone, tiles, wallpaper,
    wood, patio, etc., to decorate your room.
  • Light Settings: You can adjust the light settings to
    view the interior design in different lighting conditions.
  • Populate your list: It lets you upload images to
    apply to wallpapers, photo frames, etc.
  • Take a 3D Photo: You can take a 3D photo of
    your interior design plan.
  • Garden: It provides many garden items and accessories for making
    garden plans.
  • Properties: You can view statistics of the total items
    used in your room plan including the number of doors, walls, products,
    materials, etc.

This one is a free online interior design tool specifically for designing and
planning your room with different types of items including furniture,
cabinets, carpets, etc.


Safe Online Free Online Interior Design Tools:

Homestyler is one of my favorites because you can design
interiors with objects like a real house. You also get some
demo projects to customize it and create your own interior design.

Planner5D is another good tool that you can try to make
a clean and precise home interior plan. Plus, the exterior of the house can also be designed
through it.

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