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Best Free 3D Cartoon Maker Software

In this article we are going to share a list of the best free 3D cartoon maker software for Windows PC. Using this software, you can create 3D cartoon characters and cartoon scenes. Apart from that, you can also import and edit 3D cartoon projects in this App.

You can use the software’s built-in 3D model or external 3D model to start 3D cartoon creation. However, some Apps let you create a complete 3D cartoon from scratch. To create 3D cartoons, you get a lot of tools in each App which can be used to set the posture, design, color, outfit of the cartoon, etc. There are more parameters that you can adjust with the available tools to create beautiful 3D cartoons and scenes.

This 3D cartoon maker app can create all kinds of cartoons and 3D scenes. However, using it is quite cumbersome, mainly due to the sheer number of tools. Moreover, to work with multiple Apps, you definitely need to have some prior knowledge. Apart from 3D cartoons, you can also create 3D animations and 3D models in some Apps.

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Here are 5 of the best free 3D cartoon maker software for Windows PCs that you can use to create 3D and 2D cartoon characters.

1. Paint 3D

Best Free 3D Cartoon Maker Software-1

Paint 3D is the best free 3D cartooning software for Windows PC. It is the default 3D cartoon maker App included with Windows 10. Using it, you can create 2D and 3D cartoons. Apart from that, it also lets you open and edit cartoon images.

If you have a Windows 10 tablet, you can also draw cartoons using a stylus. In it, you get six main sections named
Art Tools, 3D, Stickers, Text, Effects, and Canvas.

Using the available sections, you can easily create different types of 2D and 3D cartoons. Let’s take a look at all the available parts:

  • Art Tools: This section provides tools for creating 2D or cartoon projects such as Calligraphy Pen, Marker, Oil Brush, Watercolor, Pencil, Spray Can, and more. Plus, a practical color palette and various finishing modes are also available.

  • 3D: As the name implies, this section is used to create 3D images. You can use Doodle 3D Options to manually draw 3D cartoons or use predefined 3D models and objects to add predefined 3D items to the image.

  • Stickers: In it, you get various 2D Shapes (circles, squares, capsules, stars, etc.), Stickers (various eye expressions, glasses, and other random objects), and Textures which you can use to create cartoon characters.

  • Text: This section lets you add 2D and 3D text with different fonts and sizes.

  • Effects: It basically contains various interesting filters (Candy, taffy, Spearmint, Sky, etc.) and filter intensity control options to provide consistent shadows throughout the image.

  • Canvas: Contains basic canvas settings like Canvas Resize, Enable/Disable Canvas, Make Canvas Transparent , etc.

After creating a 3D cartoon, you can save the final result as a 3D Paint project. All 2D projects can be saved in PNG and JPG image formats.

Downloads: Paint 3D

2. K-3D

Best Free 3D Cartoon Maker Software-2

K-3D is another free 3D cartooning software for Windows. This App is basically a CAD App which can also be used to create 3D cartoons from scratch. You can also load prebuilt 3D cartoon files in it and make modifications in it. Apart from 3D cartoons, you can also use them to create 3D animations.

On its interface, you can see various tools for creating as well as editing 3D images. The first set of tools you get in it is
scale, rotate, polygon, edges, curves, etc. You can find all other essential tools at Create Menu like array, bicubic patch, bilinear patch, NURBSand others.

If you just want to make modifications to an existing 3D cartoon file, then you can use Tab Modify which provides all the essential modification features. Common shapes to start the 3D design process such as Polygonal cube, polygonal cylinder, sphere primitive, etc. are also in the main toolbar of this software.

Creating 3D cartoon animations is also not too difficult and novice users can also create simple animations using Animation Menu. After creating a 3D cartoon character, you can save it in Wavefront, OBJ, GTS, K3D, etc. formats.

Downloads: K-3D

3. Blender

Best Free 3D Cartoon Maker Software-3

Blender is a free, open source 3D cartooning software for Windows. With it, you can create 3D cartoons, 3D models, 3D Animations, 2D animations, Simulations, etc. Plus, it also provides advanced rendering tools which can be adapted to 3D cartoons without losing any details.

As previously mentioned, you can create various things with this software, but its operation is quite difficult. So, I suggest you to refer to the 3D cartoon making tutorial before trying to create 3D cartoon characters.

In it, you can create cartoon characters by importing and scanning cartoon images, by importing 3D model files (3D Studio, X3D, etc.), etc. To create 3D cartoons from scratch, you can use various inbuilt solid models like Cube, Block, Sphere, Cylinder, and many more. Plus, many additional tools are also provided by it to engrave basic solid models or 3D files into 3D cartoons.

Some of the important tools that this App provides are Character Animation Pose Editor, Non-Linear Animation (for independent movements), IK forward/Inverse Kinematics (for fast poses), Envelope, Skeleton, Automatic Skinning, Easy Weight Painting, Mirror Functionality, Bone Layers , etc. After creating a 3D cartoon, you can save or export it in 3DS, FBX, PLY, X3D, STL, etc. formats.

Downloads: Blender

4. Forartists

Best Free 3D Cartoon Maker Software-4

Bforartists is another free, open source 3D cartooning software for Windows. In it, you get a complete 3D suite for creating 3D content (cartoons, models, etc.). Using it, you can also create game graphics, prerendered movies, and stills.

In terms of functionality, it is very similar to Blender which offers the same set of features and tools. This application also uses basic 3D models to create 3D cartoons. However, you can also create complete cartoon characters from scratch with this software. It also lets you import external 3D files especially from 3D studio, X3D, FBX, etc. format and change it. Once the file will be imported, then you can view it in various layouts like Animation Layout, UV Layout, Compositing Layout, Scription Layout, etc.

Downloads: Bforartists

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5. DAZ Studio

Best Free 3D Cartoon Maker Software-5

DAZ Studio is the next free 3D cartoon maker software for Windows. It is a very comprehensive App and is used to create 3D models, cartoons, characters, etc. from the beginning. To create 3D cartoons, it provides a special set of tools in the left part of the interface.

Some of the important tools provided by it are Image (to select a basic model by Gender), Hair (to select different types of hairstyles for cartoons), Anatomy (to select internal and external structures and cartoon postures), Wardrobe (to select clothes for the model). bro), Lamp(to change the light source), etc.

These tools make the task of character creation very easy. In it, you also get tools to easily move and browse cartoon models like Rotate Tool, Universal Tool, ActivePose Tool, Scale Tool, etc. After creating a 3D cartoon, you can export it as FBX, BVH, DAE, CR2, U3D, etc. formats.

Overall, this is another good 3D cartoon maker App through which you can create simple and complex 3D cartoons.

Downloads: DAZ Studio

PS: To download this software, you need to create an account on the DAZ Studio site first.

Red thread | If asked which one is the best of the above software, Blender is my favorite application because it provides various powerful tools that allow you to create complex 3D cartoons. Apart from that, I also like the rendering because it produces high-quality results.

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